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"We'll help your grade 5 kid enjoy grade 10 math."

That means finding students around Vancouver in grades 4-8 and tutoring them to achieve mathematical miracles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

Complete this form for 2023-2024 and I will get back to you shortly.

About Andrew Uyeno

Hi! I was born and raised in Vancouver, BC. I graduated from McGill with a Bachelor of Commerce, Honours Economics, minor in Psychology, 2006. The economics program was math-based and the psychology minor sparked a fascination with how people learn.

My passion in life is teaching math, especially to those who really struggle with it or even hate it. That’s what I’ve been doing since January, 2010. Much of my work has been with students of King David High School. My success and popularity with their students led to the principal hiring me as a Special Education Assistant from September 2012 to June 2014.

In addition to tutoring, I am now on a mission to create the best damn math lessons ever made, so good that they shake up the super stagnant field of education. Read more at the Bravo Math Blog.

What are you doing about COVID?

Bravo Math offers in-person and online lessons in and around Vancouver. In-person tutoring is only for students who are showing no symptoms of COVID. If a student or a student’s close contact has been showing symptoms, please contact immediately to:

  • Cancel any imminent tutoring session.
  • Rebook for online tutoring.
  • Reschedule the tutoring session for after symptoms are gone.

Andrew Uyeno’s COVID vaccination history

  • Federal government of Canada COVID record
  • On December 26th, 2021 I received a positive PCR test for COVID. My symptoms were relatively mild. On February 1st, 2022, I began living normally, except with a weak sense of smell and residual itch in my windpipe. Since March 2022, I have been living normally.
My commitment to help students succeed in math is as strong as ever.
If you have any questions, please contact me at or call/text me at 604-900-1934.

Do you have any references?

Yes! Please ask me for their contact information.

Do you have a criminal record check?

Yes! As of October 2018, I passed the BC Ministry of Justice background check to volunteer at Tupper Secondary. Here are my Vancouver Police Department Information Checks from November 2018 and January 2021 (originals available).

Where do you tutor?

I offer both online and in-person tutoring in homes, coffee shops, schools, libraries, etc. anywhere in or near Vancouver. In-person tutoring is available to any household without a COVID infection.

When do you tutor? How does scheduling work?

I work Sunday-Thursday, most hours of the day. That being said, my schedule is usually quite full.

As the month turns over, I get in touch with all my students and parents to confirm billing and a schedule for the month ahead. I am rarely available at the last minute and I do not offer flexible scheduling. If you need any adjustments in terms of time or sessions, let me know right away. Also, see cancellation policy below.

None of your open times work with my family’s schedule! What should I do?

Contact me anyways as I may be able to rearrange my appointments to suit you. Even if I can’t, apply anyway so we can track your requests for times. If one of them becomes available, it will be yours.

What’s your cancellation policy?

Each student gets one cancellation or no-show, after which I charge in full for all sessions booked, except in cases of family emergency, illness, or extreme weather. Since I also offer the first session for free, this is a fairly generous policy. If you need to make adjustments to a schedule, the monthly correspondence is the time to do it. If the student is ill and you would like to cancel both the session and the charge, email by 9am the morning of the appointment.

Are you starting a startup?

Yes. Though I love tutoring, the real plan all along has been to prove that radical improvements are possible in education. As such, I am no longer accepting new students who want schoolwork-based tutoring.

How much do you charge?

In brief: The first session is free, then it's $100/hour, with discounts only for those in financial distress, up to 100% off. Details below.

Each Student's Diagnostic & Initial Planning Meeting(s) are Free

  • Consists of students' math biography, math goals, and diagnostics.
  • Typically takes 1-3 hours, across 1 or 2 sessions.

Counting to Calculus
This program is the only stream accepting new students. Students will:

  • Take a rocket ship towards calculus.
  • Graduate with confidence and readiness to thrive in any math class thereafter.
  • Likely qualify for a job with Bravo Math.
  • Rates:
    • For $100/hour, the student will get 1-on-1 attention from a math tutor aiming to revolutionize all of math education. Contact me or read the blog for more details.
    • For certified teachers, teachers-in-training, anyone working in a school system, or anyone who both needs an effective math tutor AND cannot afford $100/hour, please contact me, and you may be able to negotiate up to a 100% discount. Really. You'll just have to find other ways to help advance the Bravo Math mission to get 5000 kids in Vancouver enjoying math 5 years above grade-level. :-)
    • Note: The earliest adopters of this program, who experience less refined versions of the lessons, are paying $80/hour. The early adopter stream is no longer accepting students.

Pre-Booked 1-on-1 Schoolwork-Based Tutoring
Booked and confirmed for the month ahead
This stream is only available to returning students and is no longer accepting new students. $65/hour, with a $65 minimum per session. Please note I kept my rate constant at $60/h for 3 years and this recent increase is well under inflation.

I charge the same rate for transportation (driving) time that I charge for tutoring, with a $15 minimum per location that is not in my Oakridge neighborhood. Typically I cap the transportation charge at $50/session. If 2 or more students are clustered, they share the cost of transportation equally. Returning students will be charged at previous rates.

How do I pay?

Interac eTransfer to is the preferred method. Checks made to Bravo Math Inc and cash are also accepted. When the month turns over, you will receive billing and scheduling information by email. Each family will also have access to a tutoring log, which tracks all sessions, charges, and payments.

Do you tutor anything other than math?

No. This is a good since I would probably test at a grade 2-ish level in most other subjects. I can, though, help students organize their “math lives” which can give them the experience of being truly organized. I also know a woman who runs a tutoring network in Vancouver and can refer you to her.

Why do you refuse so many students?

Bravo Math seeks to transform students from remedial and demoralized to math stars, from students who cry over their times tables to success in selective engineering undergraduate programs. Many say they want this, then insist on paving their way to Math Hell with their behaviour, all while denying they are doing so. I refuse to partake. Read more details on my blog.

How/Where can I give feedback?

Please know that I am very much aware that my tutoring has and will always have room for improvement. Candid feedback does me a favor… And it also helps current and future students! If you’d like to speak to me directly, feel free to tell me in person during a tutoring session, email, or call. Or, you can choose your own level of anonymity here with this form.

Is there anything else I should know?

I strongly suggest creating a Khan Academy account and signing up for my class, whose # is Q4MC2H. This site will encourage students to prepare, practice, and review outside of tutoring to guarantee we make the most of the tutoring times.

Please keep all cell phones and other electronics off and packed away during lessons.

Students should bring their class notes, a binder, textbooks, calculator, and any homework or practice tests to lessons.

I don’t have a cell phone (really), so if you need to contact me, please do so in advance.

For students who need help tracking their homework, using a calendar, organizing their binder and materials, etc. expect the student and myself to spend 5-10 minutes on that each hour..

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