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Educational Assistant (and more!)


Are you interested in working on some crazy things in math education?

Read on.

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"We'll teach your grade 5 kid to enjoy grade 10 math."

That's our motto and our purpose.

Bravo Math does the "impossible" in education.

Our first "impossible" mission is to get 5000 diverse students in Vancouver enjoying math 5 years above grade-level by June 30, 2028.

This would be an earthquake in education.

Does that sound "impossible"? It should.

But it isn't.

If you're interested in joining this mission, read The Bravo Math Manifesto, Three Revolutionary Hypotheses, and apply for the Educational Assistant position(s) below.

I'm Andrew Uyeno. I'm the owner and operator of Bravo Math Inc. I cannot achieve the mission on my own, but the right team can.

Do you want to be part of that team? I'm looking for people who will start small but grow big, someone who wants to change students' lives, someone who loves to learn, and is ready to shake up the stagnant world of education.

Does that sound like you?

Read the official job description. If it's a good match, then you know what to do next: