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Apply to be a Math Education Revolutionary!

Do you want a join a math education startup on a revolutionary mission to help 5000 kids enjoy math 5 years above grade-level?

Bravo Math is that startup.

My name is Andrew and I am the founder of Bravo Math. I've been tutoring math for over ten years. I'm looking for people who want to expand students' minds, learn a ton about teaching, and maybe even grow a radically ambitious business. No experience required. You just have to be awesome. :)


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Mission of the Math Education Revolutionary

Bravo Math is building the best damn math course ever called "Counting to Calculus". It will be a collection of about 60 lessons and amazing resources designed to convert mathphobes into calculus-lovers and people like YOU into amazing tutors. You will help build “fun hard” lessons for students and open-and-go resources for teachers.

Initial Job Duties & Workflow

  1. You will receive drafts and outlines of math education resources and asked to create digital versions and answer keys.
  2. You will receive particular learning outcomes and seek, test, create, and collect activities to achieve them.
  3. You will watch learners use your activities and iterate accordingly.
  4. In the last 5 or so minutes of each work session, you will report your hours and productivity through a Google Form.
  5. About once/week, we will meet 1-on-1 to discuss your work.
  6. Create videos and publish videos, some for the next tutor and some for the next student.
  7. Propose and implement new ways to contribute to the mission. Bravo Math is a small and new company, so applicants who show potential to grow with the business will be favored.

Applicant Requirements

NOT Applicant Requirements


The default will be CA$18/hour to start unless you are exceptionally well-qualified. As you become better at the job, you will propose taking on more responsibility, performing at a higher level, and earning more. Those earnings will scale with how well you advance the mission and will thus be uncapped.

Your Timeline

I am not a fan of typical job interviews.

This is what will happen instead.

  1. Read the Bravo Math Blog. Decide if you want to learn more and get involved. Email me ( if you'd like to chat.
  2. Apply! (Link below.) All thoughtful applicants will receive a personal email response and a token $25 eTransfer payment whether or not a job offer results.
  3. If your application signals a good fit, we'll meet in-person to negotiate a temporary contract of around 10 or 20 hours.
  4. When that's over, we'll talk a longer-term deal and be like:

Apply Now!