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Incredible Integers: How Many?

Counting, Tens and Ones


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Counting, Hundreds, Tens, and Ones

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II: + and - Within 200

General Links

Change & Compare

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Strategize & Memorize (mostly) within 20

Number Tracks

Partners to Ten [Has bugs involving negative one]

Using Doubles [Coming Soon: Versions in which the harder doubles facts come up more often.]

Strategy: Using Ten

Add & Subtract Within 20

Add & Subtract within 200

II: × and ÷ Within 100

General Links

Video Games

Tic-Tac-Toe Products

  • YouTube Instruction
  • Tic Tac Toe Products Gameboard. Click on "Get Handout".
  • Variations: (1) Use each player's colored markers for the factors at the bottom. Each player can only move their own marker. (2) Try the harder version of the board. (3) What if you win by covering a making a 2×2 square?

Areas & Arrays

Strategize & Memorize

II: All Operations

Recognizing the Operation

Multi-Step Problems

Coming Soon

Order of Operations & Structure

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II: Place Value

Lesson 1: Binary Code

Lesson Plan

Lesson 2: Language & Livestock

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Lesson 3: Representing Big Numbers

Coming Soon

Lesson 4: Spinner Games

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Lesson 5: Scaling Up × & ÷

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Lesson 6: Scaling Up All Arithmetic

Coming Soon

II: Negativity