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Learning 101: You Can Learn Anything!

Unit 1: Get Organized

Unit 2: Be Prepared

  • Come to Class Prepared - Under Construction

Unit 3: Level Up Your Brain

  • How did they become so great? [Under construction.]
  • You Can Grow Your Brain
  • Four Key Messages
  • The Elite 8
    1. One Rule to Rule Them All
    2. Test Yourself
    3. Distribute
    4. When? [Interleaving]
    5. Elaborate [Details + Why]
    6. Variety of Concrete Examples (and Non-Examples)
    7. Alternate Example/Exercises
    8. Represent!

L101: You Can Learn Math!

Math Paper

These are all formatted 2 pages of each type of grid at a time, so it's easy to be nice to the environment and print double-sided

Studying Math Units


Online Calculators

Physical Calculators

More Math!

Math Resources

Math Facts

  • Math Fact Automaticity - Why kids MUST master their math facts and how to help them do it in a fun way.
  • Rocket Math - A carefully refined math facts fluency program that my kids enjoy so much they ask for it. Advice: Follow the instructions carefully! Years of experience, testing, and iteration have gone into those instructions.
  • Spaceship Math Worksheets - A free alternative to Rocket Math. It has far fewer features, but still offers incremental practice of a 1 or 2 equations at a time. It follows many of the recommendations of the link above.
  • Reflex Math - Paid, online games for math fact fluency.

Learning About Learning